Returns & Refund

Financial Transactions and Taxes

If you make any financial transactions on the Website, including paying for products or services, you may be asked for credit card or other payment information. You agree that all information you provide is accurate, complete and current, and that you will pay all charges owed, including any applicable taxes. You agree that you are solely responsible for any personal income reporting and tax payments required of you by applicable government authorities.


Prices and Availability of Titles

While every effort is made to ensure accuracy of prices and the availability of the titles featured on the Website, this cannot be guaranteed and the information may change without notice. In case of price discrepancies, we reserve the right to honour or cancel the transaction. If cancelled, customers will receive a refund.


Methods of Payment

Offers on our books can be availed of through discount codes on the Website. The following general conditions are applicable to all discount codes, in addition to any others that may be code-specific:

  • Valid only for Website orders unless specified otherwise
  • Valid only for specific product categories
  • The validity period of the discount code is final


Gift wrappers

All books in the order will be gift wrapped together (in one, two or three sets depending on the size of the order) and NOT individually gift wrapped. If you would like them individually wrapped, please write to



An order is deemed to be confirmed when a confirmation email is sent to your registered email address. You may request a change in or cancel your order if it is not yet dispatched. To do this, please write to with your order number and your request in the subject line. You will need to do so as soon as possible as orders are sometimes shipped immediately. Orders once shipped cannot be canceled.



A product can be returned if there is any manufacturing or shipping-related damage, provided the product is unused and in its original packaging. Such returns must be requested within 48 hours of delivery of the product to the customer. Big Beetle Books will replace the said product or provide store credit of an equivalent amount that can be redeemed on the website. Please write to with pictures of the damage within this time-frame to request the replacement of the product, or store credit (if said product is out of stock).




If your payment is debited from your account after a payment failure, it will be credited back within 7-10 days, after we receive a confirmation from the bank. If you receive a payment failure notification, please place the order afresh. Please write to for any issues with order placement or bank refund.