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Let's face it: Kids fall. A lot! And they get hurt. As nurturing parents what can we do except to let them fall and learn.

Laali is also having one such day at home. She going about her playtime throughout the house. Just like any other toddler she is compulsively curious, which lands her in one trouble after another. What will she do? How will she handle each situation? How will she handle herself?

Take this exciting journey with her to expeirence the curiosity, fear, shock and pain of a child as she gets hurt while playing. But its not all gloomy. As it always happens, just when you, as a parent, wonder whether the child is even learning, the child shows signs that she actually did. In this cute story you will be delighfully surpised by the personal victory that Laali enjoys and then all is well with the world again!

Buy Now to join Laali in this cute, relevant and relatable adventure and rollercoaster of emotions, packed in a small book with simple language that you and your child can repeat over and over and over!

Ooi Ooi Ooi! (Hindi Indian picture book about injury, pain, self-care)

₹499.00 Regular Price
₹199.00Sale Price
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