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As a nurturing parent, you are always looking for entertaining and educating stories. What better story than chasing a rat which is never easy, especially when the rat is as smart as Mr. Peekaboo Rat. Step into the magical world of Laali and her spirited quest to befriend the elusive Mr. Peekaboo Rat.

What’s more, there's a twist in this quest...

Experience the power of illustrated storytelling as Laali's actions reveal a powerful truth - that small acts of kindness and empathy are important virtues. The story has a touching resolution that leaves both Laali and readers with a sense of fulfilment and hope.

From an author who is a loving mother and a storyteller and an ★Award Winning Illustrator★ from India, Mr. Peekaboo Rat is the perfect book for parents who yearn for a story that not only entertains, but also nurtures their child's values. If you enjoyed the classic fantasy novel Charlotte's Web by E. B. White, you'll also appreciate this picture book as it offers a similar experience of enchantment and adventure.

Who's got the scarf? (A folksy tale with mystery and humor about a farmer boy's

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