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Mr. Peekaboo Rat (Children's Picture Book, English, 0-3 Yrs.)

Mr. Peekaboo Rat (Children's Picture Book, English, 0-3 Yrs.)

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There is a rat in Laali’s house! Laali is curious, mumma is furious. And the rat gives both of them a troublesome chase. Will Laali and mumma catch it? Or will the rat outsmart them?

Discover the delightful world of "Mr. Peekaboo Rat," an endearing Indian children's picture book for toddlers that will captivate young readers and parents alike. Join Laali, a curious little girl, as she encounters an unexpected guest in her home - a clever and mischievous rat!

  1. Targeted Age: 🚸 Perfect for kids aged 0-3 years
  2. Captivating Story: 📚 Join Laali & Mr. Peekaboo Rat on a thrilling adventure
  3. Fun Read-Aloud: 👪 Perfect for entertaining read-aloud sessions
  4. Kindness & Empathy: 💕 Discover the power of kindness & empathy
  5. Adorable Protagonist: 🐭 Meet the sentient and intelligent Mr. Peekaboo Rat
  6. Engaging Illustrations: 🎨 Art by Award Winner - Oxford alumnus Charbak Dipta
  7. Heartwarming Moments: 😊 Share heartwarming moments with your child
  8. Cultivate Reading Habits: 📖 Foster a love for reading at an early age
  9. Spark Creativity: ✨ Encourage creativity and imagination
  10. Perfect Gift: 🎁 Thoughtful gift for young book lovers
  11. Make "Mr. Peekaboo Rat" a cherished addition to your child's library, and create precious memories with every read-aloud session.

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