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Ouchie Ouchie! (Children's Picture Book, English, 0-3 Yrs)

Ouchie Ouchie! (Children's Picture Book, English, 0-3 Yrs)

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Naughty explorer Laali is having just another day of adventure at home. What troubles will she find? What will Laali do? Take this journey with her to find out.

Introduce your little ones to a delightful adventure with "Ouchie Ouchie!" - a captivating children's picture book for toddlers that embraces Indian culture, featuring Indian characters and beautifully illustrated in a traditional Indian style. Join the mischievous explorer, Laali, on her thrilling journey as she navigates through everyday mishaps and learns the valuable lessons of self-care, pain management, and the language of pain description. 

  1. Age-Appropriate: 🚸 Ideal for children aged 0-3 years
  2. Engaging Storytelling: 📚 Short, rhyming sentences for captivating read-aloud sessions
  3. Learn Pain Descriptors: 🩹 Help toddlers express their feelings and emotions
  4. Empowering Growth: 🌱 Teaches self-care and pain management skills
  5. Parent-Child Bonding: 👩‍👧‍👦 Perfect for heartwarming moments during read-aloud sessions
  6. Promotes Language Skills: 🗣️ Fosters language development and expression
  7. Culturally Rich: 🎭 Bengali Alpana designs, Indian clothing, and motifs in illustrations
  8. Award-Winning Illustrator: 🏆 Art by Oxford alumnus Charbak Dipta
  9. Perfect Gift: 🎁 Thoughtful and meaningful gift for toddlers
  10. Cultivate Love for Reading: 📖 Nurtures a passion for books and storytelling

"Ouchie Ouchie!" is a delightful journey for your child encouraging their personal growth and independence. Get your copy now!

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