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Who's got the Scarf? (Children Picture Book, 2-7 Years, English)

Who's got the Scarf? (Children Picture Book, 2-7 Years, English)

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As a parent who values both entertainment and life lessons of determination then "Who's Got the Scarf?" is a must-have addition to your bookshelf. Dive into the thrilling world of a farmer boy and his captivating quest to uncover the mystery of a missing scarf, in a tale that's as enchanting as it is educational.

Meet the delightful cast of characters that accompany the farmer boy on his journey – from a sly rabbit to a feisty cat, a furious bulbul bird, and the incredibly dramatic 'Big Drama' monkey. The quest for the lost scarf unfolds in a rollercoaster of laughter and suspense, making this book a delightful choice for young readers.

But what makes "Who's Got the Scarf?" truly special is the underlying message of determination, trust, and honesty. As the story progresses, it reveals the power of these virtues, teaching children valuable life lessons in a fun and engaging way.

Authored by a talented storyteller and complemented by Eric Carle style collage illustration, "Who's Got the Scarf?" promises to entertain and nurture your child's values simultaneously. 

If you've enjoyed movies like 'Mulan’, ‘Onward’, ‘The night before Christmas’, or ‘Wreck-It Ralph’, then you're bound to appreciate the charm and whimsy of this picture book.

Don't miss out on this enchanting adventure! Order "Who's Got the Scarf?" today and let your child immerse themselves in a world of mystery and life lessons through a delightful narrative that's bound to become a cherished favorite.

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