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Welcome to Big Beetle Books, a vibrant independent publishing house dedicated to nurturing a love for books and reading among young children. We specialize in creating captivating stories for children aged 0-6 years, offering a unique reading experience that fosters imagination, cultural connection, and linguistic development. 

At Big Beetle Books, we believe that early exposure to books is the key to cultivating a lifelong passion for reading. Our approach encompasses four fundamental pillars that form the cornerstone of our mission:

1. Bilingual Excellence: We understand the importance of catering to children growing up in bilingual families. To support their language development and enhance their reading skills, we proudly publish books in simple English. By offering English and Hindi editions, we aim to bridge the gap between the two languages, ensuring that these children can engage with the joy of storytelling in both their mother tongue and English. We intend to expand into other Indian languages soon. 

2. Captivating Drama and Action: We know that children thrive on excitement and adventure. That's why our books are crafted with a generous dose of drama and action, designed to captivate young minds and create an enthralling read-aloud experience for parents. Through vibrant narratives and engaging characters, we aim to instill a deep love for storytelling, encouraging children to become active participants in the magical world of books.

3. Indian Heritage and Cultural Connection: As an Indian publishing house, we take immense pride in our rich heritage, diverse traditions, and vibrant culture. We are committed to nurturing an early and strong cultural connection among children through our books. By weaving Indian themes, characters, and Indian-style illustrations into our stories, we aim to provide young readers with a deeper understanding and appreciation of our society, culture, and mores.

4. Entertainment and Education: At Big Beetle Books, we believe that at an early age every story is a great learning opportunity for a child. They observe and absorb even the simplest elements of the story. Hence, our books are carefully curated to have an excellent story that children will fall in love with, while striking the perfect balance between education and enjoyment in a subtle way. We incorporate age-appropriate concepts, imaginative narratives, and interactive elements to make reading a fun and enriching experience. Through our publications, we aim to inspire curiosity, spark creativity, and ignite a lifelong love for reading. 

With our dedication to quality, innovation, and cultural inclusivity, Big Beetle Books is committed to being a trusted companion on your child's reading journey. We strive to create stories that ignite imaginations, broaden horizons, and build a strong foundation for literacy and cultural understanding. 

Join us in this exciting adventure as we embark on a mission to empower young readers, one captivating book at a time. Together, let's inspire a lifelong love for books and reading.

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A Big Thank You

Hey Mammas,

I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your incredible support and invaluable contributions to my journey of creating children's books. Your feedback, insights, openness to try new stories with your precious little ones, and your willingness to share those moments with us even before the books had taken physical form have been nothing short of stupendous.

Here are some names I can't miss to acknowledge:

Pooja with li'l Kiwi, Rachna with li'l Babu, Deepali with li'l Zeno, Angana with li'l Angad, Ayushi with li'l Keshav, Shiveta with li'l Soham, Deepti, Savi, and so many more wonderful mammas to add here.

I cannot close without a note of gratitude for the encouragement received from Emma Lawson. Emma, your astute observations, generosity of spirit in giving feedback, with such positivity and enthusiasm towards our books has been nothing short of elixir. Thank you, its always a pleasure to hear your thoughts on our work.

I hope to receive your continued love and support all along this journey.

With heartfelt appreciation, Nandita.


We love talking about children's books, especially our books. 


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