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As a caring parent, you understand the importance of teaching your child to interact with another kid, or a friend, or a playmate in order to develop their social skills. What better way to give them some references than an entertaining story about it. "Boxy" is the perfect story that effortlessly marries the enchantment of imaginative play, with the most versatile play object - cardboard boxes, and the skills needed to play with other kids.

In the heart of everyday boredom two siblings chance upon countless cardboard boxes. Together, they weave a world of imagination. Greed and rivalry rear their heads, challenging the unbreakable sibling bond. It's a test that leaves everyone wondering – how will they navigate this unforeseen twist in their journey? What will become of the boxes, once mere playthings, now the center of a sibling fight.

"Boxy" is more than a children's book; it's a heartfelt exploration of sharing, cooperation, and the unshakable strength of family ties. This beautifully illustrated tale takes young readers on a thoughtful journey, teaching them the value of empathy and the joy of imaginative play.

Boxy (A story about cooperation and competition between siblings)

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