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As a parent you want to give your child every expsoure that will help them grow and learn. And if you want to show your child the typical Indian village life then this book is perfect!

Laali’s visit to her grandparents’ village turns into a comedic chaos fest after Laali meets Buffalo Baby. It could be Laali’s new friend. The problem is, Buffalo Baby is uninterested, unimpressed, and worse - scared of her! She tries but Buffalo Baby gives her a hard time. Will Laali ever succeed? Find out in this uproarious, universally appealing wordless picture book for all ages.

If you have loved uplifting books like The Story of Ferdinand, then you will love Buffalo Baby' story about overcoming nervousness and making new friends.

Buffalo Baby (A hilarious wordless picture book about nervousness)

₹699.00 Regular Price
₹299.00Sale Price
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